Cars and Coffee™ Lake of the Ozarks meets meets every Saturday morning at Lake Ozark Live from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

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Cars and Coffee™ Lake of the Ozarks is a gathering of auto enthusiasts where hundreds of proud drivers will congregate to kick tires and have a cup of coffee. There will be something for everyone to enjoy; classics, exotics, concepts, hotrods, motorcycles and motor-sport. And it's all free—even the coffee is free! Click here to get directions to the show.

Lake Ozark Live, the lake's newest entertainment complex, brings the organization Cars and Coffee to the historic Bagnell Dam Blvd. "Cars and Coffee is a worldwide organization of classic and collector car enthusiasts that meet once a week, usually on Saturday morning, to drink coffee, listen to music and show off their cars," said Joe Page, owner, Lake Ozark Live. Lake Ozark Live is Cars and Coffee's first Missouri location. The first Cars and Coffee event at Lake Ozark Live is from 8 to 10 a.m. every Saturday at the same time and location through September 2015.

"This event is not just for people who bring their cars, but it's for everyone who appreciates classic and collector cars. It's a free family event in a casual setting—even the coffee is free," concluded Page.

In addition to Cars and Coffee, Lake Ozark Live features concerts, festivals, events, retail shops and an ice cream shop. Lake Ozark Live has three planned phases—artistic renderings can be found at and join the conversation at or